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Sunday, March 3, 2024


    Somali Farmers Develop New Drought-Resistant Crop

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    Mogadishu, Somalia – A group of Somali farmers have developed a new drought-resistant crop that could help to improve food security in the country. The crop, called Qudhac, is a type of sorghum that is able to survive in even the most severe drought conditions.

    The farmers who developed Qudhac were inspired by the traditional farming methods of their ancestors. They noticed that certain types of sorghum were more resistant to drought than others. They then crossbred these varieties to create a new crop that is even more drought-resistant.

    Qudhac is still in the early stages of development, but it has already shown promise in field trials. The crop has yielded up to 50% more grain than traditional sorghum varieties, even in areas that have experienced severe drought.

    “Qudhac is a game-changer for Somali farmers,” said Abdiweli Mohamed, one of the farmers who developed the crop. “It means that we will be able to grow food even in the driest years.”


    One of the biggest challenges facing Qudhac is scaling up production. The crop is currently only being grown by a small number of farmers in Somalia. In order to make a real impact on food security in the country, Qudhac needs to be grown by more farmers on a larger scale.

    Another challenge is the lack of infrastructure in Somalia. Many parts of the country lack roads, electricity, and other essential infrastructure. This makes it difficult for farmers to get their crops to market.


    Qudhac has the potential to make a significant impact on food security in Somalia. The crop could help to reduce the number of people who go hungry during droughts. It could also help to boost the incomes of Somali farmers.

    “Qudhac is the future of agriculture in Somalia,” said Mohamed. “We believe that this crop could help to transform the country.”

    The development of Qudhac is a sign of hope for Somalia. It shows that Somali farmers are innovative and resourceful. It also shows that the country has the potential to overcome the challenges it faces and build a better future for its people.



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