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Monday, April 22, 2024


    Somali government approves bill to curb maritime crimes

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    Mogadishu:- The Somali government on Thursday approved a bill aimed at enhancing efforts to combat maritime crimes such as piracy and kidnapping, with the goal of ensuring the safety of the country’s extensive coastline for economic activities.

    The anti-piracy and anti-kidnapping bill, which outlines severe penalties for individuals involved in maritime crimes, was presented to the cabinet by Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hassan Moalim Mohamud. The bill will be submitted to the parliament for approval.

    In addition to defining relevant offenses and specifying corresponding penalties, the bill provides clear guidelines for handling piracy suspects and detention procedures.

    Mohamud said that the new legislative framework will bolster actions against piracy and kidnapping in the waters along the Indian coastline and other international maritime areas, which marks a significant milestone in curbing piracy and guaranteeing a fair and transparent judicial process for the accused.

    “The 1975 law currently in place falls short in addressing the complexities of crimes that often cross our borders. It is imperative that our laws align with international standards and meet the legal needs of our society,” he said.

    Over the past decade, many Somali citizens accused of piracy activities have been apprehended, tried and sentenced in neighbouring countries for offenses committed along their coastline.

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