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Sunday, June 16, 2024


    Somali Magazine’s Business Person of the year 2023 “Mr. Ahmed Dahir Nur”

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    Somali Magazine’s Business Person of the Year 2023
    Mr. Ahmed Dahir Nur
    The CEO and Founder of StarSky Aviation Ltd and Diamond Wings Aviation Ltd

    Ahmed Dahir Nur, is a distinguished entrepreneur and philanthropist renowned for his exceptional contributions to the Somali aviation industry.

    Mr. Nur embarked on his professional journey after graduating from Ahmed Gurey Secondary School in 2009. Fueled by his passion for English, he pursued a diploma from the Integrated Learning Institute in 2010, followed by a diploma in Human Resource Management in 2012.

    During his university years, Ahmed ventured into the aviation sector, founding Starsom Travel and Tourism Agency in 2012. The agency catered to various travel needs, including ticketing, visa services, and Hajj & Omrah services. This initiative evolved into Starsom Air, an exclusive airline servicing all regions of Somalia, contributing significantly to the reopening of 19 airports and enhancing the nation’s infrastructure.

    His academic pursuits persisted, culminating in a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jazeera University in Mogadishu in 2015.

    In 2019, Ahmed’s entrepreneurial spirit expanded internationally with the establishment of Halla Airlines in Nairobi, Kenya, operating across all Somali regions. The transformative move in 2021 saw Starsom Air rebrand as Starsky Aviation Ltd, a major player in the industry with a fleet comprising one Fokker50, Embrear 145, and two Boeing 737-500. The company is poised for further growth, with plans to add two units of Boeing 737-400F to the Starsky Fleet.

    In 2022, Ahmed extended his impact by founding Diamond Wings Aviation in Nairobi, providing comprehensive aviation services to the region. Currently serving as the CEO of both Starsky Aviation Ltd and Diamond Wings Aviation Ltd, Ahmed boasts over 13 years of experience in the aviation industry.

    The fruits of Ahmed’s labor are evident, with all his companies thriving, generating substantial revenue, and positively impacting the nation. His effective leadership led to Starsky Aviation Ltd being recognized as the Best Airline in both 2022 and 2023, earning Ahmed and his team well- deserved accolades for their dedication and excellence in the aviation sector.

    Ahmed Dahir Nur, a visionary entrepreneur, immersed himself in the world of business aviation over the past 13 years, becoming a trailblazer in the industry. His journey began with a fervent passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence.

    In December 2022, Ahmed Dahir Nur received prestigious recognition by winning the IATA award for his unwavering dedication to fulfilling standard operating procedures (SOPs). This acknowledgement showcased his commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards, solidifying his reputation as a leader in business aviation.

    Ahmed’s influence extended beyond national borders, earning him invitations to prominent international summits. His presence at events such as the Sudan Mhan Air Business Show highlighted his standing in the global aviation community, where he shared insights and expertise with industry leaders.

    A testament to his impact, Ahmed was the sole representative of Somali business aviation invited to the prestigious Dubai Air Show. This recognition not only showcased his accomplishments but also positioned him as a key player in the broader aviation landscape.

    Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Ahmed Dahir Nur’s unwavering dedication to business aviation has not only earned him accolades like the IATA award but has also established him as a respected figure on the international stage. His continued commitment to excellence and participation in global forums underscore his pivotal role in shaping the future of business aviation in Somalia and beyond.

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