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Monday, May 27, 2024


    Somali Magazine’s Politician of the year 2023 “H.E Ali Guudlawe Hussein”

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                             Somali Magazine’s Politician of the year 2023
    H.E Ali Guudlawe Hussein
                                       President of Hirshabelle State of Somalia

    President Ali Gudlaawe’s recognition as the Somali Person of the Year 2021 and the Most Influential Somali Politician of 2021 by the Somali Magazine further solidifies his standing in the eyes of the Somali people. This dual honor reflects not only his personal accomplishments but also the widespread acknowledgment of his positive impact on Somali society.

    President Ali Gudlaawe’s commitment to fostering unity and resolving conflicts within his state has been a hallmark of his leadership. His pivotal role in reconciling the Adale and Jowhar districts, thereby ending the fighting in Beletweyne in Hiiraan, demonstrates his dedication to peace and stability. Moreover, his principled stand against the Federal government’s attempt to extend their mandate without an election underscores his unwavering commitment to democratic values and transparent governance.

    Beyond his political achievements, President Ali Gudlaawe’s contributions extend to the field of security in Hirshabelle State. His tenure as Chief of Finance, Deputy Governor, and Governor of Middle Shabelle showcases his experience and expertise in managing the financial aspects of the region. His leadership in Hirshabelle State security has also led to notable developments, contributing to the overall progress and well-being of the people he serves.

    As President Ali Gudlaawe continues to set an exemplary standard for conducting fair and rules-based national elections, his legacy as a statesman, healer, and catalyst for positive change in Somalia becomes increasingly prominent. The Somali people, through their votes and recognition, have honored him not only as the Person of the Year but also as the Most Influential Politician, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the nation’s political landscape.

    Under the leadership of President Ali Gudlawe Hussein, Hirshabelle State of Somalia demonstrated exceptional courage and strategic acumen in spearheading the fight against Al-Shabaab in 2023. President Hussein played a pivotal role in rallying the state’s resources and forging strong alliances with both national and international partners. His visionary leadership not only prioritized the security and well-being of the people of Hirshabelle but also set an example for effective governance and proactive measures against extremist threats. President Ali Gudlawe Hussein’s commitment to stability and security in the region underscored the importance of strong leadership in addressing complex challenges, earning him recognition both within Somalia and on the global stage. His efforts not only safeguarded the citizens of Hirshabelle State but also contributed significantly to the broader collective efforts to combat terrorism in Somalia.


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