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Sunday, March 3, 2024


    Somali President condemns the attack on UAE officers at the Mogadishu military installation.

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    Somali Magazine – Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, strongly condemned Saturday night’s attack on the General Gordon military installation in Mogadishu, which killed many Emirati officers.

    President Mohamud visited the injured policemen at the Erdogan Hospital in Mogadishu and extended his sympathies to the UAE government and people. He also directed the security authorities to conduct a full and expedited inquiry into the security breach and the circumstances surrounding it.

    “We offer our condolences to the officers who lost their lives in this terrorist attack in Mogadishu, those officers who came to our country to participate in the reconstruction of the Somali Armed Forces,” Mohamud, the president, said in a statement.

    “We strongly condemn this barbaric act that claimed the lives of these officers who had committed their time and lives to the liberation of our country and the rebuilding of our forces. We shall not let this heinous assault dissuade us from pursuing peace and security.”

    President Mohamud also complimented the UAE for its ongoing assistance in Somalia’s rehabilitation and development, saying that the Somali people will remember the UAE’s role in helping their country during this tough period.

    The UAE is a major donor and partner in Somalia, including humanitarian relief, development assistance, and security cooperation. The UAE has also assisted in the reopening of the Mogadishu Stadium, which was viewed as a symbol of the country’s revival after years of conflict.

    The attack on the UAE officials is only the latest in a string of violent episodes in Mogadishu in recent months, as Al-Shabaab continues to conduct a deadly war against the Somali government and African Union peacekeeping forces. The organisation has also targeted hotels, restaurants, and public areas frequented by government officials and foreigners.

    The Somali government and its international allies have pledged to step up their efforts to defeat Al-Shabaab and restore security and stability to the country.

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