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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Somali President congratulates runner Abdillahi on historic victory in African Nations General Games.

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    Mogadishu (SOMALI MAGAZINE): In a wonderful occasion for Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud received Abdullahi Jama Mohamed at the National Presidency. The teenage athlete won the silver medal in the 5000m event at the African Nations General Games, a notable accomplishment for the country on the continental level.

    President Mohamud praised Abdullahi’s performance, describing it as a historic triumph that not only honors Somalia but also acts as a source of encouragement for the country’s athletes and children. The President’s recognition of Abdullahi’s devotion and accomplishment emphasizes the value of athletics as a uniting and uplifting factor in Somalia.

    Abdullahi’s victory is viewed as a tribute to the potential and passion of Somali athletics, inspiring new athletes to strive for greatness and compete on a worldwide scale. This event serves as a reminder of the force of endurance as well as the importance of proudly and excellently representing one’s nation.

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