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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Somali Prime Minister pays a visit to Mogadishu’s security forces.

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    During a visit to the Hiil-weyne base on Thursday, Somalia’s Prime Minister, Mr. Hamsa Abdi Barre, thanked the security forces for their efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the capital, Mogadishu.

    Mr. Barre stated that the Somali people were proud of the security forces, who had demonstrated their ability to provide security in the capital in a short period of time. He claimed that Mogadishu was one of the safest capitals in the world as a result of the forces’ sacrifices and patriotism.

    He also met with security services and the administration of the Banaadir region, where he reviewed the capital’s security and the coordination of security activities.

    The Hiil-weyne facility, located between Mogadishu and Balcad, houses the military police (Polizia militare), who are in charge of the capital’s security. The base was constructed in 2022 as part of the federal government’s security reform strategy.

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