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Tuesday, March 21, 2023


    Somalia among 140 countries that endorsed condemnation of Russia at UN

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    MOGADISHU  – Somalia joined 140 other countries globally Thursday in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine amid gorwing pressure on Moscow to end the war.

    The historic vote which is a first in 40 years rebuked Russia for the invasion of Ukraine whiuch started on February 24 and has since resulted in hundreds of deaths and destruction of property.

    The 141 votes crossed the two thirds mark in what is seen as a galvanized global condemnation against Russia and President Vladimir Putin who has described the invasion as a ‘special operation’ to ‘pacify’ Ukraine and bring down ‘Nazist’ elements.

    Eritrea was the only African nation that voted against the motion as Tanzania, South Sudan, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Congo, Burundi, Algeria and Central African Republic abstained.

    Meanwhile European nation and the US have ramped up sanctions against Moscow dealing a blow to the Russian economy.

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