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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


     Somalia and Congo  will compete against each other at the TotalEnergies U17 Africa Cup of Nations.

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    Congo and Somalia are getting ready for their second Group A match as the TotalEnergies U17 Africa Cup of Nations continues to stun. Both teams enter this game still sore from their respective opening games and are eager to win this crucial game.

    Nur Mohamed Amin, Somalia’s coach, shows modest confidence going into the game despite Somalia’s lack of experience competing on the international scene. He does not let the fact that his team is in unfamiliar surroundings deter him; rather, he draws on the unflappable spirit of his squad, which was evident during their amazing performance at the CECAFA regional qualifiers in Ethiopia last year.

    “We’ll exert every effort to prevail. We intend to play outstandingly in that game. Although our players lack the necessary skill and experience, we are determined to give it our all. We are motivated by a spirit. We’ll strive to set up our team well, and we’re hoping to win,” stated Mohamed Amin.

    On the other hand, Congo will be looking to improve on their strong tournament debut. In their debut match, the Congolese team defeated Senegal 2-1 after a valiant effort, with Junior Kabananga scoring both goals. The group will be counting on Kabananga to keep up his strong performance and assist them in securing another significant victory.

    Both parties in this conflict have a lot on the line. Considering that only the top two teams from each group advance to the knockout rounds, a victory for either Somalia or Congo will be essential to their chances of moving on. The club that loses this game will have a difficult time entering the playoffs, while a draw would give neither team much of a chance to advance.

    Given the attacking prowess and competitiveness of both teams, the match between Congo and Somalia should be exciting. Both teams would benefit from a victory, which would not only net them three important points but also provide them a much-needed confidence boost for the remainder of the competition.

    It has already been a great TotalEnergies U17 Africa Cup of Nations, and this match between Congo and Somalia is set to be no different. Football fans around the continent will be anxiously expecting this match as the two teams compete for a spot in the knockout stage with so much on the line.

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