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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Somalia and Turkey Strengthen Defense Ties During the EFES-2024 Exhibition.

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    Izmir, Turkey— Abdulkadir Mohamed Noor, Somalia’s Minister of Defense, met with his Turkish counterpart, Minister of Defense Yaşar Güler, at the prestigious EFES-2024 military show in Izmir, Turkey. The gathering aimed to improve defense relations between the two countries.

    The gathering, which included forces from 49 nations that are aligned with Turkey, served as a forum for high-level discussions about security cooperation. Both leaders underscored Turkey’s crucial contribution in developing the Somali National Army and countering terrorist threats.

    “Our Turkish brothers have been instrumental in advancing our armed forces, contributing to their growth, and aiding in the fight against Khawarij extremism,” said Minister Noor.

    Turkey’s involvement goes beyond military affairs. The Turkish government has actively supported infrastructural development, counterterrorism activities, and humanitarian projects in Somalia.

    As the two countries continue to engage, their alliance is critical to safeguarding regional stability and security.

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