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Friday, April 12, 2024


    Somalia applauds Putin’s commitment to supply African nations with free food supplies.

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    The Somali government has welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to deliver free grain supplies to six African countries, including Somalia.

    Putin made the vow during a recent conference with African leaders in Russia.

    “In the coming months, we will be ready to provide Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali, Somalia, the Central African Republic, and Eritrea with 25,000-50,000 tonnes of grain free of charge,” Putin stated. ”

    “Our country will continue supporting needy states and regions, in particular, with its humanitarian deliveries. We seek to actively participate in building a fairer system of distribution of resources. We are taking maximum efforts to avert a global food crisis.”

    Russia’s offer follows the failure of the Black Sea grain agreement, which has caused a possible food crisis in some regions of the world.

    Despite Western sanctions and rising concern over Russia’s participation in the Ukraine war, the move is part of Moscow’s efforts to develop ties with African states.

    In reaction to Putin’s statement, the Somali administration expressed thanks and commended the measure as a constructive humanitarian gesture that will benefit thousands of Somalis suffering from food shortages.

    “It’s a positive humanitarian decision that will benefit thousands of Somalis who are facing food shortages,” Information Minister Daud Aweys remarked on Twitter.

    Due to variables such as drought, violence, and poverty, Somalia is one of the African countries most prone to food insecurity. As a result, the government is severely reliant on humanitarian assistance from foreign partners.

    The offer of free grain supplies from Russia is intended to give much-needed help to Somalia and the other African countries that would benefit from the commitment.

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