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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Somalia Celebrates International Day of Peace

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    Somali Magazine September 21,2023-Mr. Daud Aweys Jama, Minister of Information for the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), joined other authorities and dignitaries in Mogadishu on Tuesday to commemorate International Day of Peace.

    The event, organised by the United Nations Peace University, aims to promote international peace and showcase Somalia’s successes and challenges in its pursuit of stability and development.

    Among those present were the UN envoy in Somalia, several of the world’s ambassadors, government ministries and members of parliament, as well as students and civil society activists.

    Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, President of the Peace University of Somalia, stated that peace is crucial for the Somali people’s lives and development and asked them to work together to achieve a common vision.

    Daud Aweys, the FGS’s Minister of Information, addressed briefly at the occasion and emphasised that the FGS prioritises making Somalia peaceful and living in peace with neighbouring countries and the rest of the globe.

    He stated that while Somalia has achieved great progress in terms of security, governance, and reconciliation in recent years, the country still faces several problems and threats that require the international community’s collaborative efforts and assistance.

    He also complimented the United Nations and other partners for their assistance to Somalia in its peacebuilding and state-building efforts.

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