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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Somalia establishes an anti-corruption committee.

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    The Somali Federal Government has reaffirmed its commitment to fighting corruption and announced plans to form a committee devoted to the matter.

    Hassan Maalim Mohammed, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, claimed that the committee will be subjected to a thorough vetting procedure by both the Cabinet and Parliament before being authorised.
    The minister emphasised the significance of trustworthiness, quoting eminent Islamic scholar Sheikh Idris.

    He stated that embezzling public cash is against Islamic teachings, which are highly cherished by Somalia’s largely Muslim populace.

    The formation of this committee is part of the Somali government’s larger reform and development agenda.

    Recognising the major influence of corruption on the country’s economic growth and stability, the government has been vigorously pursuing anti-corruption measures.

    The formation of the anti-corruption committee demonstrates the federal government’s firm commitment to promoting openness and accountability in public institutions.

    The committee, with the backing of the Cabinet and Parliament, will be critical in attaining this goal.

    As Somalia works to restore its economy and infrastructure, the battle against corruption remains a top concern.

    The establishment of an anti-corruption committee is a step in the right direction towards attaining this aim and establishing a more open and accountable administration.

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