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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    SOMALIA: Heavy fighting in Hiran & Galgaduud regions as Al Shabab seeks to retake villages

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    Somali Magazine -On Wednesday, the terrorist group Al Shabab launched an offensive on the Hiran region’s El Ade district, which was controlled by a group of militias known as ‘Macawisley,’ who were backed by the Somali government.

    Because the telephone and internet lines in the Hiran region have been entirely cut off, there is still no official information on the extent of the conflict’s devastation.

    Al-Shabaab fighters blew up water wells and communication towers in the towns of Maarsamage and Adokibir in the Bahdo district of the Galgaduud region on Thursday.

    On June 17, Al-Shabaab assaulted the Bahdo area of Galmudug state, and the locals retaliated by arming themselves. In that combat, almost 100 Al-Shabaab members were slain.

    In its retaliatory attacks in Hiran and Galgaduud, the Al Shabab organisation attacked communication centres and water wells. The people living in the area have already been affected by the drought in Somalia.

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