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Friday, April 12, 2024


    Somalia highlights cooperation and success at the 11th World Peace Forum.

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    1. The ambassador of Somalia to China, Amb. Awale Kullane, spoke movingly at the 11th World Peace Forum about the importance of China-Africa collaboration for high-quality development. Leaders and specialists came together for the conference, which had the subject “Stabilising an Unstable World through Consensus and Cooperation,” to talk about pressing global concerns. Amb. Kullane highlighted Somalia’s most recent achievements as evidence of the nation’s dedication to a better future in the areas of politics, security, and economy. The Federal Government of Somalia has seriously considered political discourse and fruitful debates through the National Consultative Council. This has enhanced governmentality, resource allocation, fiscal federalism, and national security.

    The envoy also emphasised the significance of universal suffrage elections in fostering inclusive and participatory democracy. He spoke of the accomplishments of Somalia’s security forces, including the defeat of terrorist organisations like Al-Shabaab and the liberation of various villages with the aid of the local population. Amb. Kullane mentioned debt reduction through the Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries and the execution of laws concerning data protection, investment and investor protection, and electricity while talking about economic development. These initiatives have helped stabilise the economy and complete the creation of the national unified social registry.

    Somalia continues to be dedicated to long-term progress despite obstacles like drought and flooding. In his remarks at the 11th World Peace Forum, Amb. Kullane emphasised the significance of China and Africa’s partnership for high-quality development.

    Diplomatic relations between Somalia and China date back to the early Middle Ages. Through trade, the residents of the two areas formed strong bonds. The Chinese Ming Empire purchased giraffes, zebras, and incense from Somali traders, propelling them to the forefront of trade between Asia and Africa.

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