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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Somalia Humanitarian Agency allocates $ 15 million to support communities at high risk of El Niño flooding

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    Somali Magazine October 12,2023-The Somalia Humanitarian Fund has allocated USD 15 million to respond to the impact of projected El Niño-induced flooding on communities at greatest risk.
    Climate experts have predicted a 90 percent certainty of El Niño in Somalia, likely to influence heavy rains and flooding which is expected during the current Deyr (October to December) rainy seasons. Humanitarian partners estimate that about 1.2 million people living in riverine areas are likely to be affected and more than 1.5 hectares of land damaged by the heavy rains and floods.

    This $15 million allocation as prioritized by the Humanitarian Coordinator in August focuses on early action and response to the impact of projected El Niño-induced floods on the most vulnerable communities in Hirshabelle (Middle Shabelle and Hiraan regions) and Jubaland (Gedo Region), which have historically experienced the significant impact of flooding in Somalia.
    The humanitarian community and partners are working closely with authorities at both the Federal and State levels to complete preparedness and response activities, guided by emergency preparedness and response plans developed at different levels. Regular monitoring of river water levels and early and adequate prepositioning of emergency items, such as sandbags and other flood protection items, are also ongoing.

    Partners have also raised concerns about the current funding shortfall impacting effective preparedness and response. With only three months remaining in the year, the 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan, which seeks $2.6 billion, is only 37 percent funded. Additional funding is critical to sustain the response and to address anticipated risks, including the impact of El Niño.

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