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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Somalia Rejects IGAD’s Statement on Ethiopia, Demands Apology and Retraction

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    Press Statement (for immediate release)

    The Federal Government of Somalia expresses deep dissatisfaction and disappointment with the recent statement made by the Executive Secretary of IGAD regarding the relations between the Federal Republic of Somalia and Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The statement unfortunately falls short of condemning the Ethiopian Government of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia contrary to the fundamental principles of UN, AU, IGAD and other international laws.

    The Federal Government of Somalia disagrees with the content of the statement issued by the Executive Secretary and consider it to be in favour of the Ethiopian Government. The Federal Government of Somalia calls upon Executive Secretary to immediately apologize, withdraw the statement and take the appropriate action.

    The Federal Government of Somalia understands the importance of regional stability and cooperation and has always been an active participant in efforts to promote peace and integration within the IGAD region.

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