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Sunday, June 23, 2024


    Somalia warns the people of imminent El Nino rains.

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    The Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) issued a strong warning on Monday in an effort to protect the Somali people from the looming threat of floods and the impending El-Nino storm.

    With autumn rainfall predicted to exceed normal levels, the agency asked residents to be attentive and take immediate actions to prevent the potential devastation caused by these next storms.

    During a news briefing, Khadar Sheikh Mohamed Noor, Director of SoDMA’s National Center for Warning of General Threats, underscored the growing worry about the El Nino phenomena. “The worsening El Nino situation suggests an increase in moisture, exacerbating the already heavy autumn rains.” Forecasts show that the entire country, especially riverine districts, is in risk of floods,” Khadar Sheikh Mohamed warned.

    “Reports suggest a staggering 95% probability of this event occurring,” Khadar Sheikh Mohamed said, emphasizing the gravity of the issue. It is critical that the Somali people recognize this warning and take early and proper precautions to protect themselves and their communities.”

    Rainfall is projected to begin in October, with forecasts showing lengthy periods of precipitation and consecutive rainy days, in contrast to past years. Given these forecasts, Khadar Sheikh Mohamed advised citizens to avoid coastal areas, riverbanks, and confluence places to reduce the danger of injury. “We urge the community to be vigilant and conduct early assessments, especially in residential areas near rivers.”

    “We will provide guidance on safe evacuation routes, and it is critical that individuals stay tuned to radio broadcasts for the most recent updates,” Khadar Sheikh Mohamed emphasized.

    The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has earlier issued a similar warning, warning of the impending El-Nino storm, which might affect several places across the country.

    Forecasting agencies have previously predicted severe storms along the shore, which could wreak havoc and inflict extensive damage if sufficient preparations are not taken.

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