Somalia’s budget contributions to the East African Community (EAC) demonstrate its commitment to regional integration.

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Somalia has underscored its dedication to regional integration and cooperation by fully paying its budget contribution dues to the East African Community (EAC) for the financial year 2024/25.

The payment of $7.8 million signifies Somalia’s commitment to its new role within the EAC, a move that has not only bolstered the EAC’s financial capacity but also emphasized Somalia’s eagerness to actively participate in regional affairs. This contribution has been instrumental in increasing the EAC budget from $103,842,880 in the financial year 2023/24 to $112,984,442 in 2024/25.

Regional Financial Commitment: A Mixed Picture

While Somalia has met its financial obligations, other member states of the EAC show a mixed picture in terms of their budget contributions:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Owes $14.7 million.
  • Burundi: Owes $11.2 million.
  • South Sudan: Owes $8.6 million.
  • Kenya: Has fully paid its contributions.
  • Rwanda: Has minimal arrears of $920,869.
  • Uganda: Has minimal arrears of $200,203.
  • Tanzania: Has minimal arrears of $122,694.

These outstanding amounts highlight the varying levels of financial commitment and economic capacity among EAC member states.

Somalia’s Role in East African Community (EAC) Integration

Somalia’s recent active participation in a pivotal regional meeting held in Nairobi last month further underscores its commitment to the East African Community (EAC). At this meeting, Secretary-General Veronica Nduva stated, “It’s now time to align Somalia’s national processes with regional frameworks to ensure comprehensive integration.”

This statement reflects the strategic approach Somalia is taking to synchronize its national policies with EAC standards, fostering greater economic, social, and political integration.

Somalia's budget contributions to the East African Community (EAC) demonstrate its commitment to regional integration.

Developing a Comprehensive East African Community (EAC) Roadmap

To facilitate Somalia’s integration into the East African Community (EAC), the Committee has recommended that the Council of Ministers develop a comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap will outline the necessary steps and activities that need to be undertaken jointly by Somalia and EAC organs and institutions. The aim is to ensure a smooth and effective integration process, which will benefit not only Somalia but also the entire region.

The proposed roadmap will also focus on the full integration of other new members, such as South Sudan and the DRC. These efforts are crucial for achieving the EAC’s broader goals of regional stability, economic growth, and collaborative development initiatives.

Somalia’s proactive approach in meeting its financial obligations and engaging in regional dialogues reflects a significant commitment to the East African Community (EAC). By aligning its national processes with regional frameworks, Somalia is poised to contribute positively to the collective goals of the EAC.

This move not only enhances Somalia’s economic prospects but also strengthens the overall cohesion and development potential of the East African region.


Somalia pays $7.8m towards EAC budget – The East African