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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Somalia’s Finance Minister attends the 21st Horn of Africa Initiative Meeting in Nairobi.

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    Nairobi, Somali Magazine. Bihi Iman Igeh, Minister of Finance for the Federal Government of Somalia, attended the 21st ministerial meeting of the Horn of Africa Initiative in Nairobi.

    The quarterly session focused on analyzing and evaluating current initiatives financed by various donors since 2019, guaranteeing transparency in their execution. The border cooperation system was also addressed, with a report provided by the designated committee after its acceptance in 2023. The conference also welcomed new funders who are dedicated to helping East African countries achieve their development ambitions.

    Minister Igeh underlined the importance of regional integration for Somalia’s economy throughout his address, citing its potential to promote local output and overall economic growth. The Somali government expects major economic gains from the effective implementation of the Horn Africa Cooperation Forum’s plans.

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