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Thursday, April 11, 2024


    Somalia’s Health Ministry Enhances Autism Care on World Autism Day

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    Mogadishu, SOMALI MAGAZINE. The Federal Government of Somalia’s Minister of Health and Social Services attended the World Autism Day observance in Mogadishu, marking a significant step toward meeting the needs of children with autism. The event, hosted by the Mustaqbal Special Needs Center, highlighted the crucial significance of specialist treatment for children with this disease.

    The Health Minister stressed the need of providing specialized attention and care for children with autism, stating that the Ministry of Health will actively monitor their well-being. “It is imperative that we develop a focused policy for children with Autism to ensure they receive the comprehensive care they require,” said the Minister of Children and Families.

    The Minister praised the Mustaqbal center’s work and encouraged the construction of additional facilities capable of delivering crucial medical care to youngsters with autism. This project is part of the Ministry’s broader commitment to enhancing Somalia’s health landscape and meeting national health development targets.

    The Ministry of Health and Social Services reaffirmed its commitment to improving the country’s health care system, with a particular emphasis on the well-being of children with special needs. This commitment represents a positive step toward a more inclusive and health-focused future for all Somali residents.

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