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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Somaliland military will not leave Sool region despite protests

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    Brigadier General Mahad Ambashe, commander of Somaliland’s military forces in the Sool region, has warned individuals he believes are attempting to destabilize Las Anod that the army will not leave the territory.

    Ambashe went on to say that the Somaliland military would continue to use force to protect peace, law, and order.

    “From what I gather, the national army has not and will not leave (the region).”

    On Thursday morning, the Somaliland military began withdrawing from Las Anod to the town’s outskirts after killing hundreds of protestors since the protests began nearly two weeks earlier.

    He warned that if Las Anod devolved into chaos, Somaliland soldiers would return to safeguard life and property.

    Ambashe stated that Las Anod was administered by the Somaliland Army and that there was little security and inter-clan fighting when Somaliland officials initially arrived in the area.

    He also expressed regret for the deaths caused by the “rioting at Las Anod.” He noted, however, that the Somaliland military was restrained and that there may have been hundreds of casualties if it had been “another army.”

    Muse Bihi Abdi, President of Somaliland, declared that his administration is committed to finding a solution to the anti-government protests, but advised the Somali federal government and the Puntland regional government not to aggravate the situation.

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