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Sunday, October 1, 2023


    Some members of parliament introduced a proposal to extend the government’s term.

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    Somali Magazine June 4,2023 -More than 97 members of legislatives of Somalia has inked motion about to extension the government term.

    This proposal comes amid a war in the country against Al Shabab, however Some of MPS they welcomed and other they refused this agenda.

    Khadija Mohamed Dirie,  Minister of Women and Human Right Development, and also be one of the  MP applauds this issue, and also is advocating for passage of this motion.

    Also there are  Many MP refused this agenda, Abdurrahman Abdi Shakur Warsame, Special envoy of President for  Drought was very match against this extension and he said that his life and that of president were at risk of dead before because of  refusal to extend the period former Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

    The big question is, they  shall approval the legislatives or denies this agenda?

    Axmed Wacane

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