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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Somtel Somalia sustains Save (Kaydso) services for its customers

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    The giant Somali Telecommunication (Somtel Somalia) and Dahabshil group has introduced the much-needed innovations banking services to its growing customers which is better known as Save (Kaydso).

    These advanced banking services have been effectively operational since its launching on February 20, 2021 in well-organized ceremony held in Mogadishu city, where the key officials from Somtel Somalia, Dhahabshil Group, the civil society organization, the education community, youth organizations and hospital authorities and other dignitaries were in attendance. .

    This is not the first service offers by the Somtel Somalia, which is part of Dahabshiil group company, however, the company has previously shared various valuable services with its customers, which have proved to be very much beneficial for the customers.

    Kaydso Service was set up to save the deposits of Somtel Somalia, eDahab and Dahabshiil Group customers for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, during this period, the customer will not be able to withdraw the money until the end of the term.

    “It’s our pleasure to offer this  practical service to the various sectors of the Somali community.”  Ahmed Esse, the Head of Somtel Somalia Marketing pointed the time of launching this service.  In addition, he explained the importance of Save service (Kaydso) for the Somali community and the need that led to its expansion.

    Abdullahi Ali Amir , Head of Commerce Department of Somtel Somalia telecommunication company mentioned these services has numerous benefits  for the customers connected with the company , especially with the eDahab service.

    The Somtel Somalia company is well placed to effectively serve the Somali community at all times, especially with the introduction and sustaining offering successfully the Save (Kaydso) services that have benefited the Somali community.

    The Save (Kaydso) services is very significant for the young generation to learn the culture of saving, in fact the old Somalis generation knew the culture of saving very well.

    The Somtel Somalia company established twenty – three years ago has advanced as a leading telecom and technology service provider with an expensive growing network across all the Somali region.

    It is worth noting that the Somtel Somalia company always wants to share new and modern innovative services with the Somali community.

    By: Mohamud Abdi Mohamud (Fat)

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