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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Southwest State leaders and opposition figures sign a reconciliation agreement.

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    Following a two-week reconciliation meeting, state leaders and opposition organisations concluded a reconciliation deal in the capital of South West regional state, Baidoa, on Sunday.

    The two parties agreed, according to the conference communiqué, that the regional lawmakers will be chosen by the traditional elders of the communities living in the South West between November and December 2023.

    The regional parliament speaker and regional President would be elected in January 2024, according to the statement.

    According to the joint statement, the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs would be in charge of putting the agreement into effect.

    The accord achieved by both parties in Baidoa was seen by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Lower House Speaker Sheikh Adan Madobe.

    Last week, officials of the Southwest regional states and opposition parties reached an agreement to end the clash in Baidoa that killed over 10 people in late December.

    On December 23, at least ten persons were killed in Baidoa when Southwest security personnel clashed with militia loyal to regional opposition candidates at the home of former federal finance minister Mohamed Adan Ibrahim Fargeti, where opposition-loyal militia had congregated.

    The accord is anticipated to put an end to the deadlock between President Lafta Gareen and the opposition in the South West, which has also impeded the second phase of operations against al-Shabab.

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