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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Sudan warring generals agree to US-Saudi-led talk

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    Somali Magazine – General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Daglo have both accepted an invitation to resume US- and Saudi-brokered negotiation talks set to take place in the city of Jeddah.

    Sudan army in a press statement said that they have accepted an invitation from Saudi Arabia and the United States to travel to the Saudi city of Jeddah for the talk end the conflict”.

    Paramilitary –RSF led by Mohamed Hamdan Daglo also revealed that their delegation arrived in Jeddah today, in hopes of reaching a solution that will stop the war and end the suffering of our people.

    The first round of the Jeddah talks was suspended, and mediators had grown increasingly frustrated with both sides’ reluctance to work towards a sustained truce.

    Experts believed that Burhan and Daglo had opted for a war of attrition instead, hoping to extract greater concessions at the negotiating table later.

    US officials said the talks would resume Thursday and aim for a ceasefire but that it was premature to discuss a lasting political solution.

    “The new round will focus on ensuring unhindered humanitarian access and achieving ceasefires and other confidence-building measures,” a State Department official said on condition of anonymity.

    Another official told the media that the United States hoped for a constructive spirit in the talks, saying, there is no acceptable military solution to this conflict.

    Also participating in the Jeddah talks will be representatives of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the East African regional bloc led by close US partner Kenya.

    The war in Sudan has decimated already fragile infrastructure, shuttered 80 percent of the country’s hospitals and plunged millions into acute hunger.

    According to the United Nations, Sudan where many had fled their homes in previous conflicts is now the largest internal displacement crisis in the world, with over 7.1 million people displaced within the country.

    Two years ago, Burhan and Daglo led a coup on October 25, 2021 that derailed a fragile transition to civilian rule.

    They later fell out in a power struggle that erupted into all-out war on April 15.

    The United States has called for a return to the democratic path but has not brought in civilians to participate in the Jeddah talks.

    “They need more time to prepare, organise themselves internally,” another US official said



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