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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


    Ten civilians received injury in an altercation between the military and citizens of Ethiopia’s Somali region.

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    On Sunday, at least ten people were injured in a conflict between Ethiopian military forces and residents of Kebri Dehar, a town in Ethiopia’s Somali regional state.

    The exact cause of the clash is unknown, however sources suggest that young men threw stones at military forces passing through town. In response, the military is said to have used live ammunition.

    The incident prompted indignation in the community, with many citizens marching to the streets to protest the military’s conduct. Many people chanted slogans condemning the Ethiopian army’s shooting of civilians.

    The majority of people injured in the clashes are being treated in Kebri Dehar City hospitals. The incident has been denounced by local authorities, who have stated their desire to meet with military officials to address what occurred.

    The situation in town has cooled down as of last night, and traffic in the city and business sectors has returned to normal today.

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