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Friday, July 19, 2024


    The agenda of the Puntland parliament is being debated in preparation for the upcoming elections in 2023/2024.

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    For the past few months, Somalia’s Puntland state has been shrouded in political ambiguity, with fears about approaching presidential and parliamentary elections compounding the uncertainty. However, the agenda of the Puntland Parliament on Saturday pushed these problems to the forefront of the debate, presenting hope for a break in the cycle of uncertainty that has clouded the region’s future.

    The next elections are crucial for Puntland, which has experienced its fair share of political unrest in recent years. The current situation in the disputed Sool region, concerns about the security of the capital, Garowe, and the long-standing issue of unpaid wages for employees and troops are all on the table.

    Over the last few weeks, an increasing number of Puntland’s MPs have spoken out against the current administration, urging President Said Deni to address these issues head on. The regularity of wage payments is of particular importance, and many believe that it requires quick attention and an increase in allotted resources.

    President Said Deni’s tenure is set to end in January 2024, when Puntland will have its next election. The approaching elections are considered as a chance for Puntland to move towards a more stable and secure future, with many hopeful that the new administration will prioritise problems like security, development, and good governance.

    Despite the difficulties that Puntland faces, there is reason for optimism. According to the latest parliamentary agenda, the region’s authorities are taking the concerns seriously and attempting to find answers. The elections provide an opportunity for Puntland to break with the past and move forward.

    However, there are fears that the forthcoming elections may be marred by violence, corruption, and other sorts of fraud. The elections must be held in a transparent and fair way, with the results acknowledged by all parties concerned.

    The recent agenda of the Puntland Parliament provides promise for a brighter future for the province.

    The impending elections provide an opportunity for Puntland to advance towards peace and security, but this will necessitate the participation of all stakeholders.

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