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Monday, July 15, 2024


    The Banadir Appeal Court commences the hearing case of Sayid Ali, who was condemned to death.

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    Mogadishu (SOMALI MAGAZINE) – The Court of Appeal of Banadir Regional Administration began hearing the case against Sayid Ali Moalim Daud, who was condemned to death by firing squad by the Banadir Regional Court after being found guilty of burning his wife Luul Abdiaziz, who subsequently died from the burns.

    The Appeal Court addressed a letter to the Commander of Hamar-Weyne District Police, requesting that Sayid Ali appear in court for the hearing.

    Sayid Ali murdered his wife in Dharkenley area at their home when she was carrying his kid in her womb, and after burning her, he left her in the house till she was transported to the hospital by neighbours, where she died from her injuries.

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