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Sunday, March 3, 2024


    The death toll from Kenya’s gas explosion has risen to six.

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    Somali Magazine – The death toll from Thursday’s massive gas explosion in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has grown to six, according to authorities.

    Two additional persons died from their injuries on Sunday while being treated at Kenyatta National Hospital, the country’s main referral hospital.

    Fifty-two more are being treated at various medical centres.

    A truck loaded with petrol cylinders exploded just before midnight in a heavily populated section of the city, igniting many fires.

    The officials defined the filling facility as unlawful and stated that it had already been dismantled twice.

    Kenyan authorities are hunting seven people in connection with the incident, including Derrick Kimathi, the accused gas plant proprietor.

    On Saturday, President William Ruto criticised inept and unscrupulous government officials for allowing the facility to operate in a residential neighbourhood.

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