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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    The director of Somaliland’s human rights commission dismisses reports of prisoner mistreatment during the Las Anod conflict.

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    The Somaliland Human Rights Commission’s Executive Director, Abdiqani Saad Hassan, has declared that claims of maltreatment and torture of prisoners of war captured during the Las Anod conflict are incorrect.

    According to Hassan, no inmates were brought to court or tortured. Members of the panel, according to Hassan, visited the convicts and confirmed that they were in good health and receiving the same treatment as other prisoners.

    Hassan acknowledged that some of the convicts had reported allergies, but they were treated by a doctor.

    Abdiqani Mohamud Aateeye, Somaliland’s Defense Minister, said that 20 prisoners, two army vehicles, 15 heavy machine guns, and several small arms were captured during Saturday’s skirmish on the outskirts of Las Anod.

    On Sunday, the 33rd Committee’s spokesperson, Abdirisaq Mohamed Hassan Falalug, accused the Somaliland government of executing inmates kidnapped during the fighting.

    The SSC-Khatumo soldiers also took prisoners and stated that further information will be provided soon.

    Garaad Abdisalan Hassan, a traditional elder of the SSC-Khatumo in Las Anod, reported 30 deaths and 60 serious injuries.

    Somaliland accused “associated Puntland forces” of attacking its troops in East Las Anod, claiming that it was in a defensive posture at the time of the purported attack. According to the SSC, Somaliland forces attacked Las Anod from all directions except the south.

    Hassan’s remarks come as a delegation of federal MPs from Sool, led by Senator Abdullahi Ali Tima’ade, the Upper House’s second deputy speaker, arrived in Las Anod on Sunday. Federal legislators last visited their district over 15 years ago.

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