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Wednesday, February 21, 2024


    The Egyptian Justice Party is concerned by Ethiopia’s efforts to establish a right to the Red Sea port.

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    Somali Magazine – According to the Egyptian Justice Party, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s attempts to gain maritime access to a Red Sea port have alarmed Ethiopia’s neighbors.

    According to a statement released by the party, “The speech of the Ethiopian Prime Minister before his country’s parliament, about what he called ‘the existential necessity for Ethiopia to reach an outlet in the Red Sea,’ continues to raise reactions and questions about the motives of the campaign launched by the Ethiopian Prime Minister.”

    The speech was well-received by Ethiopian media and political circles, according to the statement, but it has sparked alarm among neighbors such as Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia – countries mentioned in the speech as potential destinations for the sea port.

    According to the Justice Party, Ethiopia seeks seaports in the Horn of Africa region as part of Abiy Ahmed’s overall project to achieve economic progress for Ethiopia and overcome its status as a landlocked country, thereby increasing Ethiopia’s insistence on owning shares in seaports in the region.

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