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Friday, July 19, 2024


    The Fano Militia claims victory in Bahir Dar and challenges the Ethiopian government.

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    Somali Magazine – A non-state armed organization known as Fano has taken control of a portion of Ethiopia’s capital city of Amhara, and severe fights are said to be continuing nearby. The DW Amharic station reported that clashes erupted in the city on Friday morning and lasted several hours. It started about 6:00 a.m. and continued till 10:00 a.m. According to the source, the city was rocked by the sound of heavy artillery.

    Residents who spoke with Addis Standard reported hearing gunshots on Thursday evening in places called locally as “Abay Mado” and “Kebele 14.”

    A Bahir Dar resident who pleaded not to be identified claimed that there was a fierce exchange of fire employing heavy weapons in the “Diaspora” neighborhood.

    The state of emergency prevents independent journalists and human rights advocates from entering the region.

    Amhara News Service, a new social media outlet, posted a video on “X” (previously known as Twitter) showing hundreds of government forces detained in Gojjam, Amhara area. The 41-second video shows a gathering of males, primarily young, being monitored by armed men. It further states in a second post on “X” that 150 Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) troops defected and joined Fano/Amhara forces.

    The Ethiopian Media Service (EMS) confirmed on Friday that at least 18 government personnel were killed, citing medical sources in Bahir Dar.

    According to local reports, Ethiopian Airlines suspended flights to Bahir Dar on Friday, but no reason was offered for the suspension, including if it was connected to the city’s security.

    Fano is a non-state militia in the Amhara area that has widespread support among Amhara people. It happened recently in Merawi, where government soldiers allegedly slaughtered at least 45 people in the town following massive military defeats.

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