Wednesday, May 18, 2022

    The FEIT chairman comes in Baidoa for talks on the three seats that are up for grabs.

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    Baidoa is a town in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Muse Gelle Yusuf, the chairman of the Electoral Implementation Team, and members of the committee arrived in Baidoa on Wednesday to find a solution to the disputed three seats, whose results had been suspended by the committee.

    Muse Gulle Yusuf will meet with the head of the southwest state government and officials from the State Electoral Implementation Committee to hear complaints while in town.

    Abdiaziz Laftagaren, the president of the Southwest Regional State, recently halted election collaboration with Prime Minister Roble after accusing him of “withholding seats” from the federal member state and violating the electoral commissioners’ independence.

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