Friday, May 20, 2022

    The first lady of Turkiye eats iftar with Ukrainian youngsters.

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    Emine Erdogan, the Turkish first lady, celebrated a fast-breaking (iftar) dinner with Ukrainian youngsters at the presidential complex in Ankara on Monday.

    “You’re in your own home…

    Our cognate are all dear brothers to us. In a speech to her guests, including Crimean Tatar children, she declared, “All the people of the world are our close relatives from the human family.”

    “Please accept me as your mother, grandma,” Erdogan added, referring to the children as her own grandkids. You are deserving of the best. I will always support and stand by you so that you can be happy and achieve your goals.”

    Erdogan also emphasized Turkiye’s diplomatic efforts to end Russia’s and Ukraine’s protracted conflict.

    ‘Common trust of humanity’

    Underlining that the only criterion that determines Turkiye’s humanitarian aid policies is human, the first lady said that Turkiye offers a hand of friendship to all countries, people, women and children.

    “We regard children as the common trust of humanity,” Erdogan said, adding Turkiye currently hosts nearly four million refugees.

    Noting that upon a letter sent by her Ukrainian counterpart Olena Zelenska, she started an initiative to host Ukrainian orphans in Turkiye, Erdogan highlighted that Turkiye currently hosts 772 Ukrainian orphan children.

    Also, Erdogan wished the international community to show the strong reaction it shows for some wars for all people and all geographies.

    After her speech, Ukrainian children gave the gifts they made to Erdogan. Erdogan then offered the cotton candy she prepared to the children.

    Crimean Tatar singer Jamala, who was among the guests, thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emine Erdogan for their invitations and assistance.

    Saying they went through difficult times and the war in Ukraine continues, Jamala said that shortly after the war started, many people had to leave their country and become refugees.

    “We are grateful to Turkiye. Because Turkiye accepted us, Turkiye opened its doors to us, Turkiye protected us. Long live Turkiye, long live Ukraine.”

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