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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    The governor of Banadir and the mayor of Mogadishu inspect the Hamarweyne district market.

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    Mr. Yusuf Hussein Jimale (Madaale), Governor of Banadir Region, paid a thorough inspection of Mogadishu’s busy Hamarweyne District Market during a recent nighttime visit.

    The team met with local residents and business owners to gain comments on recent security upgrades and the subsequent increase in commercial activity inside the market area. This project is part of a larger effort to create a safe and productive environment for business in the capital.

    Governor Madaale continued his commitment to community participation by visiting Lido Beach in the Abdicasis District. He spoke with members of the public and emphasized the necessity of working with the Security Department to sustain and expand on the gains made in stabilizing Mogadishu.

    These visits demonstrate the regional government’s commitment to protecting its inhabitants’ safety and economic well-being, as well as its determination to rejuvenate the capital’s public places.

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