Friday, May 20, 2022

    The leading online academy in Somalia : Fure Online Academy-A Platform Offering Empowerment Bridge To Somali Businesses And Professionals.

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    Fure Online Academy is the company empowering Somali businesses and professionals, including Small medium and corporates with truthful information and knowledge about business, personal development and family culture through training and consultancy within Somalia and surrounding regions of east African countries.
    The Academy was founded by Somali intellectuals from various business backgrounds on 1st January 2022 in Mogadishu Somalia with a clear mandate to become a fully fledged business education and knowledge Centre in Somalia and east African countries, in order to engage in
    domestic and International business dialogues, thoughts and programs leading to transformation in entrepreneurship and professional developments in the region.

    Their Vision is to become the best Online Academic platform in Horn Africa, providing personal and professional training tools, skills and empowerment.
    The academy’s Mission is to offer the best online capacity building trainings and programs to
    students, business people and professionals to promote entrepreneurship and professional development using their advanced systems at affordable rates.
    The main objective of Fure Online academy is to undertake comprehensive consideration with forward-looking business training through concrete response to the current issues and challenges relating to improving existing businesses and empowering professionals to handle emerging economic issues that require massive transformation and intervention in Somalia and African countries.

    The second being Creation of employment by harnessing opportunities for gainful employment of people of Somalia. Fure online academy achieves this by establishing new office units, expanding business industry and culture rebuilding channels through strategic partnerships and collaboration with government and key stakeholders who support education and professional development to boost economic growth.

    Creation of employment will contribute to the increase of revenue collection to the country and will foster social economic growth, stability and common prosperity to all citizens in the country.
    Fure’s endeavors to achieve its objectives through a wide range of actions ranging from bargaining, open training, consultations, symposia, conferences and bringing experts on the roundtable to discuss and brainstorm on topics of business, education and culture with take outs to be implemented for economic development and prosperity.

    The academy maintains its independence, credibility and integrity and it operates as a self-financed institute through grants, sponsorship, delivering services and private donations from its members resulting in massive impact to the people involved and the society.

    To fully succeed and bring the needed solutions,Fure online academy will partner with other small and big private and public Business Corporations of national and regional levels as well as stakeholders in various industries to scale their operations and offer competent solutions and programs that can benefit businesses and professionals in Somalia and surrounding regions. Such partnerships will be based on critical joint analysis, co-sponsoring center approaches and exchanging information identified while benchmarking with other established similar organizations in the region..

    Fure Academy is an online educational platform where you can get many resources such as Professional Courses, Professional Training and Consulting services to boost and grow your businesses..

    The organization is involved in carrying out practical and proof based activities targeting businesses, professionals development initiatives and culture mechanisms. In addition, they liaise and have partnership with other small and large private or public
    consultancy corporations of national and regional levels as well as industries with the same vision and mission as Fure ’s, participating as active members and cooperating with them in the fields of business and culture events promoting development and peace building in the community.
    The management of the academy is working hard to create and establish branches and representatives in all domestic and regions of Somalia as well as where available in east African countries to disseminate their syllabus, training and programs for business and culture development in close collaboration with the line ministries and concerned
    government agencies in business development issues.

    Fure online academy center hires and recruits qualified and knowledgeable managerial staff members who directly engage culture industries activities and also responsible applications of fure’s day to day activities.
    The Board of Directors (BD) are the founders and the owners of this enterprise namely Mr. Osman Sheikh Ahmed and Abdikariin Sh Mohomed and they are the highest organ of this institution and responsible for interpreting the fure’s center objectives and subsequently plans coherently and helps in implementing the organization growth strategies accordingly.

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