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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


    The ‘Ma’awisley’ militia of Beledweyne takes to the streets in protest of the governor’s removal.

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    Local militia forces blocked important roadways in Beledweyne, the Hiiraan region’s capital, on Sunday, just hours after Hirshabelle’s President sacked Hiiraan area governor Ali Jeyte on Saturday night.

    The militia forces, known locally as the “Ma’awisley,” stopped the major road from town to the airport in protest at the governor’s departure, who has led anti-al-Shabab operations in the central region since the commencement of the “people’s uprising.”

    Jeyte has received widespread popular and international support for spearheading Somalia’s first public uprising against al-Shabab, which culminated in the group’s expulsion from practically all of the Hiiraan region in recent months.

    Ali Jeyte Osman is anticipated to speak about his removal and the current operation in Hiiraan. Osman was well-known for his command of the operation, and he once declared a $25,000 bounty for anyone who killed an Islamist fighter with the al-Shabab terrorist group.

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