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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    The Ministry of Defense of Somalia welcomes the European Union’s military assistance to the Somali National Army.

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    Somali Magazine– The Somali Ministry of Defense has expressed gratitude to the European Union for its decision to offer military aid to the Somali National Armed Forces (SNAF). The recent resolution of the Council describes the transfer of military equipment expressly suited for lethal force worth roughly €1 million under the European Peace Facility.

    The Ministry of Defense stated in a press statement, “This support to the Somali National Armed Forces will be incremental in further training and equipping our Forces currently trained at General Dhagabadan Academy.”

    The Ministry of Defense welcomes the European Union’s assistance to the SNA in assuming full responsibility for security operations in Somalia, and recognizes the significance of the European Peace Facility packages of assistance provided over the years to improve the capabilities of the Somali National Army Forces.”

    This expenditure will be in line with the Somali government’s goal to take over complete security responsibility for the country from ATMIS, with the last ATMIS soldier set to depart in December 2024.

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