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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


    The Ministry of Education has implemented a new criterion for university-bound students.

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    In a recent release, Somalia’s Ministry of Education revealed a revolutionary strategy targeted at improving the country’s higher education quality.

    The government has ordered that all high school graduates seeking admission to colleges must first complete a thorough one-year foundation education programme beginning in the academic year 2023/2024.
    The newly proposed foundation education programme is intended to provide students with the required skills and knowledge for a smooth transition into university-level study.

    According to a statement released by the Ministry of Education, the programme is meant to offer students with a firm academic foundation as well as a comprehensive grasp of diverse disciplines.

    The foundation education curriculum, according to the ministry, includes a variety of disciplines that are critical for students’ intellectual and personal growth.

    Somali language, literature, culture, and history, as well as Arabic and English languages, will be addressed during the foundational year, depending on the language the student wishes to follow in their university studies. Additionally, Islamic studies will be included in the curriculum, with an emphasis on both general and Islamic ethics.

    Additionally, the programme will emphasize the development of academic writing skills, dispute resolution skills, social relationships, and critical thinking abilities.

    The Ministry of Education intends to fulfil numerous critical objectives by establishing this one-year foundation education requirement.

    It aims to bridge the gap between high school and university education, allowing students to make a more seamless academic transfer.

    The programme will help students improve their basic knowledge, language competency, and critical thinking skills, all of which are required for success in higher education.

    The Ministry of Education thinks that the foundation education programme would improve the overall quality of Somali university education.
    Universities may focus on providing more advanced and specialized courses by guaranteeing that all students have a shared set of core skills and knowledge. This transition is projected to improve students’ educational experiences as well as higher education institutions’ academic achievements.

    The focus on language fluency, cultural knowledge, and critical thinking abilities corresponds with the program’s aim of generating graduates who are not just academically competent but also prepared to contribute to their communities and society at large.

    While the implementation of this new criterion will undoubtedly create challenges and adjustments for institutions and students alike, the Ministry of Education assures stakeholders that the necessary assistance and resources will be provided to ensure a seamless transition. To guarantee the successful implementation of the foundation education programme, the ministry intends to work closely with universities and educational institutions.

    As Somalia takes this step to improve the quality and relevance of its higher education system, it joins a growing number of countries throughout the world that recognise the value of a solid foundation education.

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