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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    The Ministry of Environment issues a warning about dangerous flooding in southern Somalia.

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    The Somali Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is releasing an official advisory regarding the imminent and serious threat of catastrophic floods in Southern Somalia, which coincides with the start of the yearly rainy season in October.

    This seasonal precipitation is expected to have a particularly severe impact on regions encompassing the Jubba and Shabelle rivers, including but not limited to Beledweyne, Afgoye, Jowhar, Bardhere, Luuq, Dolow, Kismayo, BeledHaawo, Jalalaqsi, and Balcad District. Recent data received by the Ministry during the first week of October indicated that the surrounding Ethiopian highlands are set to receive substantial rainfall, with predictions ranging from 150mm to 200mm. This high precipitation has the potential to result in severe floods, putting the lives of farmers and livestock in these vulnerable riverine areas at danger.

    Furthermore, the Ministry anticipates significant rainfall in additional regions, with the Bakool Region expecting 100mm to 200mm of rain, the Bay Region expecting 50mm to 150mm, Middle Jubba expecting 25mm to 100mm, Lower Jubba expecting 25mm to 50mm, Galgaduud expecting 150mm to 200mm, and Galmudug expecting 50mm to 150mm. The reoccurring issue of flood-related damage throughout the rainy season has had devastating consequences in many locations, resulting in terrible loss of life and property, as well as the displacement of many people who have been forced to evacuate their homes, frequently without safe sanctuary.

    Somalia’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is deeply concerned about the looming catastrophe and the imminent threat posed by severe floods. As a result, the Ministry has issued an urgent directive to all Somali citizens, with a special emphasis on those living in riverine areas, to exercise extreme caution and take extraordinary precautions to protect themselves and their communities from the looming threat of flooding during this rainy season.

    We recommend you to visit the official website of Somalia’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for the most up-to-date information and updates on this crucial situation.

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