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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    The National Coalition Party of Finland wins elections in a close race.

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    Finland is set to have a new prime minister after the liberal-conservative National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) won parliamentary elections on Sunday by a slim margin with over 99% of votes counted.

    According to public broadcaster YLE, the party, led by senior politician Antti Petteri Orpo, won 48 seats in the country’s 200-seat parliament, ten more than it did in the 2019 elections, with 20.8% of the vote.

    The Finns Party (PS), a right-wing populist party, got 20.1% of the vote and secured 46 seats, up from 39 in 2019.

    Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) finished third, securing 43 seats with 19.9% of the vote.

    The agrarian Centre Party was crushed, losing eight of its 31 seats with 11.4%, while the Left Alliance lost five of its eleven seats with 7.1%.

    The Green Party got 7% of the vote and gained 13 seats, down from 20 in 2019.

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