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Friday, December 9, 2022


    The National Drought Committee is established by PM Barre to address starvation.

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    In order to establish a national drought committee to oversee famine relief efforts in Somalia, the prime minister of Somalia presided over a special cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

    The prime minister reactivated the National Disaster Management Agency and created a committee made up of cabinet ministers, business executives, members of civil society organizations, and academics who would collaborate with national and international agencies.

    The prime minister appealed to all Somalis worldwide to contribute to averting the crisis.

    In Somalia, where communities confront severe food insecurity, famine, and disease as a result of four consecutive failed rainy seasons, drought has afflicted more than 7.1 million people.

    The crisis, which is being described as the worst drought Somalia has experienced in 40 years, has resulted in the displacement of over 1 million people.

    The National Drought Committee will include:

    Deputy Prime Minister
    Minister of Interior, Federal and Reconciliation
    Minister of Religion and Endowments
    Minister of Health and Social Welfare
    Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development
    Minister of Finance
    Minister of Environment and Climate Change
    Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism
    Minister of Women and Human Rights
    Minister of Internal Security
    Defense Minister
    Minister of Energy and Water
    Special Envoy for Drought Emergency
    Somali scholars
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Civil society organizations

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