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Wednesday, February 21, 2024


    The president of Colombia meets with Palestinian students.

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    Somali Magazine – On Friday, Colombian President Gustavo Petro met with a group of Palestinian students in the Colombian capital of Bogota.

    Petro wore a scarf with the Palestinian flag provided to him during the meeting with Palestinian students at Casa de Narino, the official presidential house.

    Petro also took a photo with the pupils on X and conversed with them.

    Petro was also given books by the students.

    Petro called on US President Joe Biden on Thursday to end the “genocide” in Gaza immediately.

    “President Biden must act quickly to halt Gaza’s genocide.” This approach is correct: the Israeli people must change their current government in order to pave the path for a final peace based on the existence of two sovereign states,” he said on his X account.

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