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Monday, July 15, 2024


    The President of Somalia attended the graduation ceremony for officers at Turksom Training School.

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    Mogadishu, Somalia. Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mahmud, President of the Republic of Somalia, attended a graduation ceremony at Turksom School to recognize officers who had recently finished their training and joined the Somali Army.

    During his speech, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud underlined the importance of their responsibilities, asking the officers to embrace their jobs with honesty and patriotism. He said, “The greatest gift one can give to their country is their life—the ultimate sacrifice.” You are willing to give your lives for Somalia and its people. We are at war with an unethical and narrow-minded adversary.

    The President thanked the Turkish government and its president for their significant contributions to the foundation of the Somali government. He gave certificates and honors to the sixth class of officers, who had undergone three years of arduous training.

    The Minister of Defense, Abdiqadir Mohamed Noor, the Commander of the Armed Forces, General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhuddin, and other dignitaries also attended the occasion. Notably, the graduating officers are from many branches of the military, including the navy, land forces, and air forces.

    This incident represents a watershed point in Somalia’s continuous attempts to strengthen its military and improve national security. These officers’ effort and sacrifice demonstrate their passion for protecting the nation and its citizens.

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