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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


    The Qatar Charity Foundation provides financial assistance to PhD students in Somalia.

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    Somali Magazine- The Qatari company has worked on a number of projects around the world to improve education for underserved populations.

    Doctoral students in Somalia will receive financial assistance under a new arrangement inked by Qatar Charity and the United Nations University for Peace (UPEACE).

    The move is part of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud’s grant plan, which will offer 100 Somali researchers with grants for PhD studies over the following three years.

    The document was signed by Abdel Fattah Adam Muallem, director of QC’s office in Somalia, and Professor Samuel Kali, UPEACE’s regional director for Africa.

    The signing was witnessed by Farah Sheikh Abdul Qadir, Somalia’s minister of education, culture, and higher education, Ishaq Mahmoud Mursal, the deputy minister of foreign affairs, and the ambassador of Qatar to Somalia.

    “Today, Qatar Charity has signed a grant for 40 Somali researchers,” Abdul Qadir stated.

    “The education cooperation agreement with Qatar Charity contributes to the investment of Somali intellectual with the goal of contributing to the country’s sustainable development through a package of disciplines that serve the security and peace process while empowering students with skills required for studies and research,” Kali explained.

    “The agreement also fosters an innovative spirit among students.”

    “Qatar Charity pays special attention to the education process in Somalia,” Muallem stated, “as it seeks to contribute to building a brighter future for Somali generations.”

    “For many years, Qatar Charity has worked in Somalia, providing support in the education sector, including building and renovating schools, providing scholarships to Somali students, supporting teacher training programmes, and providing educational materials and supplies,” he added.

    Education is exported from Qatar.
    The Qatari company has worked on a number of projects around the world to improve education for underserved populations.

    As part of its efforts to strengthen Pakistan’s education system, Qatar Charity recently completed the construction of two sophisticated classrooms in government-run schools in the Punjab and Sindh provinces.

    QC built a model classroom in a local public school in Punjab’s Jang district, outfitting it with new furniture such as student chairs, a teacher’s desk, a board, and current information technology equipment.

    Qatar Charity calls on donors to help build orphanage complex in Tanzania

    Qatar Charity opened the largest project of its type in Sudan, the Taiba Education City.

    The 9,000-square-meter building, which provides inclusive services for orphaned children, includes a foundation school with nine classrooms and a computer lab, as well as a secondary school with four classrooms, a laboratory, a library, and a computer lab.

    Taiba Education City also has offices and a health centre where students and inhabitants from outlying villages can get medical care.

    There are also administrative buildings, eating and activity halls, recreational facilities, and a hostel for 500 orphans in the city.

    Qatar Charity is constructing 15 schools in Bangladesh, offering living and studying rooms for about 3,500 students.

    Classrooms, dorm rooms, teacher quarters, and student cafeteria and recreational areas will be available at each of the institutions.

    Nearly 10,000 students have benefited from the 38 educational facilities for residential and academic services that Qatar Charity has established in the last five years.

    Qatar Charity already helps 3,312 orphans in Bangladesh and has started similar education-focused activities all across the world.

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