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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    The SCAA: Northern Somalia interrupts air traffic services

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    Somali Magazine – The Somali Civil Aviation Authority must take stricter measures to ensure the sustained safety and security of Somali airspace. This move follows the suspension of air traffic services over particular locations in the northern regions, which was judged a violation of domestic and international aviation norms.

    The SCAA is concerned that the administration of the northwest areas began these disruptions, possibly prompted by “external influences and self-serving interests.” The Somali government has constantly issued cautions and notices to ensure aircraft safety, asking cooperation from the regional administration. However, these warnings were reportedly ignored.

    “The Somali government remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of its airspace,” the SCAA said in a press release. “We have aggressively sent warnings and notices to all relevant parties, including the international community. Unfortunately, the regional administration did not respond as planned.”

    The SCAA emphasized that more measures may be required to protect Somali Civil Aviation. “The Somali government will have to take tougher measures to ensure the security and the safety of Somali Civil Aviation,” they said.

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