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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    The Somali ambassador to Ethiopia meets with the Congo and Algerian ambassadors.

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    Somali Magazine October 15, 2023-The Federal Republic of Somalia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Amb. Abdullahi Mohamed Warfa, met with the Ambassadors of Congo, Daniel Owassa, and Algeria, Mohamed Lamine Labas.

    The Somali Ambassador and the Ambassador of the Republic of Congo, who is the head of the African Union’s Security and Peace Council, agreed to strengthen the traditional relationship between the two countries, while also agreeing that the Republic of Congo will provide full support to the Republic of Somalia, the cooperation between Somalia and the African Union, particularly the Security and Peace Council, to implement the Somali National Army’s plan to complete the Somali National Army.

    Ambassador Warfa, on the other hand, discussed with his Algerian counterpart the development and promotion of Somalia-Algeria relations and cooperation, while Ambassador Lamine promised that his government will continue to work with Somalia in the fight against terrorism and the development of social issues.

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