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Friday, July 19, 2024


    The Somali army has captured an al-Shabab outpost in the Lower Jubba region.

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    On Sunday, the Somali National Army, backed by Jubbaland regional state forces, retook Qunbi village in Lower Jubba area, where al Shabab had a significant presence.

    According to a statement from the Jubbaland security ministry, the army has taken possession of the base, which was considered to be a major refuge for al-Shabaab in Lower Jubba.

    The army lost no losses during the operation, according to the statement, while al-Shabaab sustained substantial casualties and captured military supplies.

    Jubbaland Security Minister Yusuf Hussein Osman Dhumal, who oversees Jubbaland’s anti-al-Shabab security operations, claimed that the country is ready to take over regions controlled by the al-Shabab group.

    On Saturday morning, at least six Jubbaland Darwish soldiers were wounded in an al-Shabab attack on an army base in the Afmadow district of the Lower Jubba region.

    According to Mahad Mohamed Islam, commander of the Jubbaland Darwish army forces for the Afmadow district, the regional forces prevented the al-Shabab attack by blowing one of two explosive-laden trucks before it reached its target.

    Two vehicle bombs exploded in the Afmadow neighborhood, followed by violent fighting between regional forces and terrorists.

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