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Wednesday, February 28, 2024


    The Somali President pays a visit to Kismayo to promote liberation and reconciliation work.

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    On Wednesday, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his delegation arrived in Kismayo, where Ahmed Madobe, the leader of Jubbaland, and other authorities gave them a hearty welcome.

    The acceleration of the nation’s second phase of liberation and the strategy to drive Al-Shabaab terrorists out of the territories they currently control will be given priority by the President, who will be keeping an eye on the situation in the Jubbaland regions, according to Villa Somalia.

    President Mohamud will endeavor to organize local clan gatherings for reconciliation and will listen to their suggestions for improving the Somali government and nation. Adding Villa Somalia

    According to local media, the President is expected to visit the Gedo region to meet with opposing traditional elders who disagree with the Jubbaland government.

    After a three-day operation in the country’s central and southern regions, Daud Aweis, the minister of information, culture, and tourism, said that Somali security forces had killed more than 200 Al-Shabaab insurgents, including senior officials.

    The government troops have stepped up their attacks on Al-Shabaab since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud launched an all-out war against the extremists last year.

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